dream, design and do!

Why would you settle for less, when you can truly transform? And say goodbye to old convictions, recurring insecurities, ineffective structures. As a leader to your organization, as a leader (of) your self, and as a (co)leader with your teammates. Cobrigade helps you grow the capacity and courage of your organization and people. Empowering you to make a leap in development. 

We help you dream, design and do!

In the field of shaping a meaningful vision for people development & organization design, creating resourceful HR and performance solutions, and managing the transformation process - in your organization and yourself.


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Via a co-active approach of management and coaching, Cobrigade is your curious and collaborative partner. We explore current playing field, understand and challenge (pre)set boundaries (status quo) and articulate the dream/aspiration. From there we discover the unique purpose, values and innate qualities that are present within organization and individually. To grow these we create what is needed  (via specific HR initiatives and processes or coaching for example) and start the transformation.

Warning: once you are on track, you won't go back.

Let's make a leap in development and celebrate the transformation